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Painting with Craig Nelson, Ep. 68

Craig chooses a landscape from a photographed image up a Green Gulch trail in the week's demo. For a challenge, Craig also went 24 x 30 for this 90-minute masterpiece.

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Architectural Sketching

School of Architecture demonstration on Construction Sketching.

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Bound and Determined

Here's a sample of a course video you can expect from the School of Graphic Design.

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Introducing the Degree Planner

Plan and organize your academic career with the Degree Planner. This web-based app lets you view course information, save courses you might want to take in upcoming semesters, track your academic…

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Saving your Degree Planner

Here is a quick walkthrough on how to save your Degree Planner as a PDF.

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Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Demo by Apple Education

Apple education development executives Chris Vieira and Joel Davies demonstrate higher education features of the iPad Pro. They also cover ways to use iTunes U, the Apple Pencil, and discuss ways…

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HOUZZ: Professional Networking

The School of Interior Architecture & Design welcomes Lauren Gold of Houzz, who shares how to network professionally in the industry. She discusses how to build your own contacts, find career…

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Model Sculpting: David Jozaites

Sculptor and instructor David Jozaites visits the School of Landscape Architecture at Academy of Art University for a model building seminar, helping teach students better and efficient more ways to…

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Logos, Fonts, and Lettering - Ann Miller

Instructor Ann Miller presents a lecture on logos, fonts, lettering, and calligraphy through various examples.

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