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View from Ravello, Italy: Ep.181

From  Anne Shisko

Tuscan Alley: Ep. 180

Today Craig paints an alley from Tuscany.

From  Justin Jach

Grand Tetons: Ep .179

Today Craig paints a scene from The Grand Teton National Park.

From  Scott Chema

Live at The 2024 Orientation, Ep. 178

Craig paints live at the Spring 2024 orientation

From  Scott Chema

Marin Barn: Ep. 177

Craig paints a barn in Marin off the 101.

From  Scott Chema

Golden Hills of California: Ep. 176

Today Craig paints out of the shadows from a scene in the golden hills of California.

From  Scott Chema

Dolomite Cliffs: Ep.175

Today Craig paints with strong light and shadow on the Dolomite Cliffs.

From  Scott Chema

Lady on a Train : Ep. 174

Today, Craig paints a lady on a train.

From  Scott Chema

Painting with Craig Nelson, Ep. 173

Today Craig paints a scene from beautiful Lake Tahoe

From  Scott Chema