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Master Illustrator - Chuck Pyle

Chuck Pyle is an internationally sought-after artist, working with clients from New York to Tokyo. His clients include Microsoft, Pacific Bell, Safeway, Avis, Ask Jeeves, Sun Microsystems,…


Bound and Determined

Here's a sample of a course video you can expect from the School of Graphic Design.

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The Career Experience - Success Stories

The Ideate Conference was launched in 2015 as an end-of-semester event for the School of Web Design & New Media students, connecting them with industry leaders and alumni. Ideate 2018--through…

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Kewei Zhu at the Spring 2019 Ideate

Kewei Zhu gets the opportunity to show off work to industry professionals, and talk one-on-one with some of the most sought after companies in the bay area.

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Connor Henrichs at the Spring 2019 Ideate

Ideate gives the opportunity for students to show industry what they have been working on, and Connor Henrichs has been preparing for this day from the beginning.

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Johanna Granlund at the Spring 2019 Ideate

Johanna Granlund takes the first step into her career in advertising by showing off her portfolio to industry professionals at the Spring 2019 Ideate.

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The Subaru Project – Midterm Madness

Episode 3 of 6. It’s midterms, and our students are well into the design phase of their projects. Each team is preparing for their first major presentation to Subaru’s design team and the…

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The Subaru Project – Bringing Design to Life

Episode 4 of 6. The teams have pitched their best ideas to Subaru, and are ready to refine, finalize, and implement their designs as a cohesive story. Students describe the challenges and surprises…

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The Subaru Project – The Big Pitch

Episode 6 of 6. Our teams are ready to take their work to the “Collaborate to Innovate” main stage. Students reflect on the pride they feel for their teams and amazing connections they…

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