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Creative Director - Jonathan Deiss

Creative director and entrepreneur Jonathan Deiss has had a very unique career. After being accepted to Ivy League schools to study architecture, eventually graduating with a Master’s Degree…


Web Design & New Media - 2017 Spring Show

The Academy of Art University hosts its annual year-end Spring Show, showcasing the best student work from the School of Web Design & New Media. Several projects feature interactive elements and…

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Summer Expo 2017 Alumni Panel

The Summer Expo is an annual event where online students visit San Francisco and participate in workshops and panel presentations. The guest speakers for the 2017 alumni panel are graduates working…

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Designing Jaguar

See how Jaguar and Academy of Art University partnered to offer students the opportunity to work under the direction of the Jaguar global design team. The collaborative class brought together…

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Fall 2018 - Ideate Portfolio Reviews

Academy of Art University students put their best foot forward at the Fall 2018 Ideate Portfolio Reviews, where industry experts and recruiters come to take a closer look at their work.

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Web Design & New Media - 2018 Spring Show

The best work from the School of Web Design & New Media is on full display at Academy of Art University'S annual Spring Show.

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The Career Experience - Success Stories

The Ideate Conference was launched in 2015 as an end-of-semester event for the School of Web Design & New Media students, connecting them with industry leaders and alumni. Ideate 2018--through…

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Ideate Project Review - Chenxiang Song

The School of Web Design & New Media presents Ideate, a day of industry networking, portfolio reviews. Join Chenxiang Song, MFA School of Web Design & New Media student, as he meets with…

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Interactive Planter Wall - Spring Show 2018

The School of Web Design and New Media rallied around students' interactive and "internet of things" concepts to plan, engineer, construct and instal an interactive planter wall, as…

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