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Automotive & Industrial Design - Antonio Borja

Antonio Borja is a 2004 BFA graduate from the School of Industrial Design at Academy of Art University. After graduation, Borja went to work utilizing his vast range of skills to launch a…


Designing Jaguar

See how Jaguar and Academy of Art University partnered to offer students the opportunity to work under the direction of the Jaguar global design team. The collaborative class brought together…

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Creativity Through Collaboration: Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen has always had a yearning to draw despite coming to the Academy of Art University without knowing how to sketch and knowing nothing about drawing. The School of Industrial Design helped…

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Final Review Presentation: Truck Topper

MFA student Brian Johnson wanted to improve upon the truck camper shell, so for his thesis, he created a modular and versatile system. He designed it to be easily deployable by a single person, and…

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Tom Matano: Always Inspired

The Executive Director of Academy of Art's School of Industrial Design grew up a typical "petrol head." Get to know him and his story, and how he got into the world of automotive…

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The Dream of Car Design with Richard A. Stephens

Former Academy of Art University president Richard A. Stephens talks about his passion for design and passion for sharing classic autmobiles at the Palace of Fine Arts.

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Creative Sketch Session with Emma Lundgren

Emma Lundgren speaks on experience in the industry and the importance of CMF (Color, Material, Finish) in Industrial Design.

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Bronco: Designing a Legend

Academy of Art University's School of Industrial Design invites you to, "Human-Centered Design and the Ford Bronco Sport" an interactive design workshop by Aaron Gould, Global…

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Future Now: VW Westfalia

Max Benon of the School of Industrial Design presents VW Westfalia, a Volkswagen car design that is a capable, livable vehicle that connects people with earthy travel experiences.

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